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Where is Northern Cyprus (North Cyprus) ?

Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus; it’s in the middle of the island.

Nicosia, the most populous city of Cyprus, is the most important cultural, industrial, commercial, and transportation center. Nicosia, the only divided capital city globally, is divided by the so-called Green Line border.

Turks are located in the north, the Greeks in the south and the United Nations Peacekeeping Force is in the buffer zone. 

The city is covered by vicious and tall walls built by the Venetians for defense against the Turks. The walls surrounding all of Nicosia are now in the Greek part.

The old city inside the walls and the new city outside the walls represent two separate worlds. The old Nicosia, surrounded by narrow, dead-end streets, offers the island’s historical past sections. In the area called New Nicosia, apartments and modern city life dominate.

Thanks to the beautiful warm waters and beaches of the Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus is one of the ideal and known places for a sea-based holiday. Although it is a frequently preferred island for the summer period, it has a beautiful climate that can be visited in all seasons. Moreover, it has culturally rich places to visit and see.

But start your tour of Northern Cyprus from Nicosia. Nicosia, which has remained under Turkish rule for more than three centuries, is one of the most popular cities on the island. In addition, this is the settlement where the character of the Turkish city in Cyprus is most clearly felt.

The places to see in Nicosia are the Barbarism Museum, Bedesten, Haydar Pasha Mosque, Selimiye Mosque, Ethnography Museum, Büyük Han, Arap Ahmet Mosque, Gamblers’ Inn, Great Bath, Stone Arts Museum, Derviş Pasha Mansion.

Selimiye Mosque, built between 1209-1326 in the Lusignan period, is an essential historical texture. Firstly, St. The building, used as the Sophia Cathedral, was converted into a mosque after the Ottomans took over the island and used as Selimiye Mosque.

The cathedral, which was built similar to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and reflected the gothic architectural understanding, is shown as one of North Cyprus’s most beautiful historical buildings.

The Bedesten, located to the south of Selimiye Mosque, has more than a thousand years. Bedesten, a church structure built in the Gothic architectural style in the 14th century. It was used as a metropolitan building by the Orthodox under the name of Nicholas Church.

During the Ottoman rule, some changes were made, and the name of the building, which served as a covered bazaar and grain warehouse, was changed to Bedesten. Nicosia’s Grand Bazaar is one of the city’s most beautiful and delicious places.

In a room in the building, which consists of two churches, medieval tombstones from the Ömeriye Mosque and a wooden ceiling from the Ottoman period are exhibited.

The city walls of Nicosia, surrounded by the Venetian walls, are among the places to visit in Nicosia. Kyrenia Gate, one of the most important gates of the walls surrounding the old Nicosia, is flooded by visitors every year.

Travel to Northern Cyprus : Great Inn

Haydar Pasha Mosque is a gothic church built in the 14th century by the Lusignans, a dynasty of French origin who ruled Cyprus between 1192-1489. The Ottoman Empire took authority of the isle in 1571. The establishment was transformed into a mosque by adding a minaret and a pulpit, and its name was changed to Haydar Pasha Mosque. In Nicosia, St. After the Sophia Cathedral (Selimiye Mosque), it is ranked second in artistic values.

The Museum of Barbarism, which was opened not to forget the painful memories of the past, is a place where emotional moments are experienced. Barbarism Museum, North Cyprus Turkish Forces Regimental Doctor Major Dr. The house where the Greeks brutally martyred Nihat İlhan and his wife and three children on Christmas 1963.

While the Major was on duty in the regiment, the events in the bathroom, where his family took shelter for protection, and the house turned into a museum after the Greeks murdered him went down in history as a Bloody Christmas. The house, which has been converted into a museum with many details such as bullet marks on the walls, reveals the experiences of the Turks who were forced to migrate. Derviş Pasha Mansion and Ethnography Museum are on the must-see list if time permits.

Büyük Han is a two-story motel built-in 1572 by Muzaffer Pasha, the first Ottoman governor of Cyprus. One of the two inns in the city has survived the Ottoman period.

Located in Asmaaltı Square, one of the old commercial areas of the city, this inn, consisting of 68 similar rectangular rooms, has shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts, and antiques. The building, in which there is a small mosque in the middle, is in the structure of business centers in the Ottoman period bazaar in Anatolia.

The Turkish Bath, known as the Great Bath, is the Latins’ St. A structure built on the ruins of St. George’s Church. Add Nicosia to your list of places to visit. The internal structure of the Bath shows the characteristics of classical Ottoman architecture.

Restaurants are serving Turkish Cypriot cuisine in every corner of the city. Turkish Cypriots have a lot of different culinary traditions, including having olive oil dishes, Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes, Mediterranean flavors, European cuisine, and world cuisine from around the globe. In addition, a foreign population living on the island makes it easy to find world cuisines.

How to get to Nicosia

Northern Cyprus

Ercan International Airport is located in Nicosia, a 1 hour and 15 minutes flight distance from Istanbul. There are direct flights from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Hatay and Gaziantep to Ercan Airport.

The airport is 40 km from Girne and 22 km from Nicosia. 

It is also possible to reach the island by ferry from Mersin Taşucu and Antalya Alanya. It is also a significant advantage that Turkish citizens can enter the TRNC with their identity cards.

Located in the very heart of North Cyprus, the capital Nicosia is one of the first places that visitors to the island visit. So take action now for your plans for Nicosia, the historical capital of the North Cyprus, one of the most attractive holiday routes in the Mediterranean!

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Turkey’s holiday paradise is the Northern Cyprus, an independent state located 65 km south of Anatolia and recognized only by Turkey. Having a land border only with the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, the TRNC is surrounded by Turkey in the north of the Mediterranean Sea, Syria, Egypt in the south, Israel and Lebanon in the east, and Greece in the northwest.

Northern Cyprus, which can be easily entered from Turkey without a visa and passport, is known for its colorful nightlife, casinos, and unique beaches with luxury hotels.

Where to Go in Northern Cyprus

The biggest isle in the Mediterranean behind Sardinia and Sicily, Cyprus fascinates with its untouched coves, beaches covered with fine sand, casinos, and entertainment venues that attract tourists worldwide.

The official name of Northern Cyprus, one of the most important tourism destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean, is the Northern Cyprus. The people of Northern Cyprus, whose independence is not recognized by any country other than Turkey, share the southern part of the island with the Greeks.

The most suitable time for a holiday on the island is May-June and September-October. However, to not be overwhelmed by the temperatures reaching 40 degrees in July and August, it is helpful to take your holiday plans to these dates.

There are many places to visit in Northern Cyprus. In the seventh century, Girne Castle was constructed to defend the city against Arab raids. Buffaveneto Castle was used as a prison during the Lusignan period and built at 950 meters in the Girne Mountains. Bellepais Monastery, one of the beautiful Gothic architecture examples, is the main historical texture.

The Old Archangelos Church is used as an icon museum where the finds from Girne and its surroundings are exhibited; Selimiye Mosque, which is considered the most magnificent place of worship in Northern Cyprus, follows.

The Nicosia Walls, built by the Venetians to defend Nicosia, are a must-see spot. There are eleven bastions and three gates, each of which can be considered a castle; on these walls are the circumference of three miles in the form of a circle.

1. Kyrenia – North Cyprus

Kyrenia is the pearl of Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia, the most popular holiday resort of the island and thought to have been founded by the Achaeans under the name Kyrenia in the tenth century BC, is referred to as Corineum in Roman sources.

The city, which is the same as the history of North Cyprus, was plundered several times by Arab pirates during the Byzantine period.

Girne, the northernmost port city of the island, also has five-star hotels, each more beautiful than the other. Kyrenia Castle is also known for its nightlife and entertaining nature, with its beaches and exquisite venues.

Many hotels organize special programs at any time of the year. For this reason, Girne is compared to the entertainment center of the island.

Girne, a port city with the Kyrenia Mountains to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the north, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Famous for its casinos and restaurants along the coast, Girne Castle, Beylerbeyi, St. You can also visit places such as Hilarion Castle and the Tomb of Hazrat Omer.

2. Nicosia – North Cyprus

Nicosia’s capital is the first destination for those traveling by air to the island. Ercan Airport is located near Nicosia. The north of Nicosia, which is the only divided capital of Europe, is under Turkish rule. Especially the Green Line, managed by the United Nations, and the crossing point to Cyprus are among the numerous thrilling moments of the capital.

Found in the center of the aisle and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus capital, Nicosia is comprehended as the country’s most overcrowded and vibrant city. This city, which is the country’s cultural, industrial, commercial, and transportation center, places such as Arap Ahmet Street, Selimiye Mosque, Barbarism Museum, Arasta Street, and Haydar Pasha Mosque can be seen.

3. Famagusta – North Cyprus

Famagusta, a small commercial port, is located in the island’s east. However, Famagusta, which has one of the most vital ports in the Mediterranean, has turned into a ghost town due to the uncertainty in the process after Turkey’s Peace Operation.

The city where the Eastern Mediterranean University is located has the ‘golden’ beaches of the region. In the city, which attracted tourists from all over the world in the past, the structures that have remained the same since 1974 are astonishing. The town, which has the country’s only deep-water port, is among the most fortified ports in the Mediterranean.

This city, which fascinates those who see it with its golden beaches and international festivals, is one of the country’s most important settlements in tourism. There are many touristic and historical places to see in Famagusta.

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Salamis Ruins, Othello Tower, Canbulat Museum, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Namık Kemal Prison, and various churches and monasteries are among the top places to visit the city.

4. Guzelyurt – North Cyprus

Güzelyurt is a cute settlement located northwest Cyprus Island and surrounded by citrus groves. In Güzelyurt, fertile lands, oranges, grapefruits, melons, watermelons, tangerines, and various vegetables are grown. Some citrus fruits are consumed throughout the island fruit juice, and some are exported.

Güzelyurt, named after the richness and beauty of its nature, was a settlement connected to Nicosia until 1998. Güzelyurt, which was granted the status of a district with the enacted law, is one of the favorite places for visiting local people and foreign tourists going to the country.

Located in the west of Northern Cyprus, Güzelyurt is known for its citrus production. It is possible to smell the fragrant citrus groves in most cities. In the city, which has a vibrant historical and cultural heritage presence, historical buildings such as the Basilica of Soli and the Temple of Pigades welcome thousands of visitors every year.

Güzelyurt also attracts attention with its untouched nature. Mamas Monastery, Pigades Temple, Toumba Tu Skouru are the main attractions of Güzelyurt.

Mamas Monastery is a monastery in the name of a Christian saint who lived in the twelfth century, located in the city center of Güzelyurt. It is a building built on the ruins of the Byzantine church during the Lusignan period and took its final form in the eighteenth century.

The tomb of St. Mamas, a Christian who lived around Güzelyurt in the twelfth century, is located just to the left of the northern entrance of the church. One of the four Venetian columns of the tomb, whose icon section dates back to the Lusignan and Venetian periods, is decorated with grape, fig, and shield motifs. The monastic buildings to the north and east of the church are used as offices today.

The Pirates Temple is located within the borders of Güzelyurt district, on the Yılmazköy-Çamlıbel road, near Hisarköy. Tumba Tu Skuru Tombs, together with the Pigades Temple, Bronze Age Cemetery in Karmi Village, Engomi Temple near Tuzla Village, are considered the most important ruins of the island, dating back 3500 years.

Dating to the Late Bronze Age (1600-1050 BC), the Temple of Pigades was first excavated in 1951-1952 by teams from the Oxford Ashmolean University Museum of Art and Archeology and the University of Sydney, Australia. The altar discovered in the area during the excavations was rebuilt in 1969. According to the information obtained from the holes, it is believed that the temple had political and commercial relations based on religion with the Greek islands, especially Crete, at the time it was built.

5. Dipkarpase – North Cyprus

Karpaz is a pointed and long region stretching from the northeastern tip of Cyprus towards Anatolia. The Karpaz Peninsula, which has a small Turkish Cypriot population compared to its area, is protected since it is a national park.

The Karpaz Peninsula is a piece of heaven with its peaceful silence; deep blue coves adorned with greenery, long beaches, untouched nature, and historical ruins witnessing the glory of the past. Karpaz, the only National Park in Northern Cyprus, has become a center of attraction where many different tourism activities can be done with the investments made in recent years.

Karpaz, one of the critical regions of Northern Cyprus with its historical and natural appearance, has been a regular terminus for those who like to run from civilization or retreat to seclusion throughout history. The most famous of the monasteries on the Karpaz Peninsula, which contains many ancient cities, monasteries, and traces of various civilizations, is the Apostolos Andreas Monastery. The most important ancient ruin of Karpasia in the Ancient City of Karpasia.

Dipkarpaz, one of the newest settlements of Northern Cyprus, also has many historical assets that have spiritual meaning for the Greeks. Thousands of Greeks flock to the region to see the Apostolos Andrea Monastery every year. Small villages and towns, natural beauties, and meals prepared with delicious agricultural products are among the prominent features of Dipkarpaz.

6. Pier – North Cyprus

Agios Iakovos Church, located in İskele, a settlement with a population of approximately 25 thousand, is one of the most important touristic structures of the region. Iskele, which has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere, is a great resting address for those who pass by Northern Cyprus.

7. Lefke – North Cyprus

Lefke is a town in the north of the island, overlooking the Gulf of Güzelyurt and connected to Güzelyurt. While Lefke was a region where Italian Catholics settled during the Venetians, most Turkish residents decided under Ottoman rule. In Lefke, you can see architectural structures from the Ottoman period:


Modern houses

Large mansions made of yellow stone

Ottoman architectural examples

workers’ cottages built during the mining period were active from the texture of the town.

Yeşilırmak Stone (Petra Tou Limniti) in Yeşilırmak is among the most important historical ruins of Lefke. In addition to these, aqueducts, Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Middle and Lower Mosques are among the structures you can visit in Lake.

The Ancient City of Soli is the island’s city with an important location on fertile lands in Lefke, with its copper deposits and port. Soli, which is under protection, is one of the nine kingdoms of Cyprus founded before Christ. Soli, whose history dates back to 700 BC, lived its heyday in the Roman period. During the excavations in Soli, gold and silver jewelry from the Hellenistic period, the 1st century BC Aphrodite Statue in the Cyprus Museum in Cyprus, and reliefs depicting the war with the Amazons from the 2nd century BC were found.

The colonnaded street leading to the agora, a monumental marble fountain, freshwater sources, a sheltered harbor, copper deposits, and abundant wood to process copper indicate that Soli may not have been the first settlement established here. As a matter of fact, in the archaeological excavations BC. It reveals its importance to the 11th century. Soli Basilica and the restored Soli Theater are among the essential works in Soli that have survived today.

Soli Basilica is one of the first churches built in Cyprus. The basilica, which starts with a three-door entrance and is followed by a courtyard with a fountain surrounded by columns on all four sides, is two hundred meters long. Soli is considered where Saint Auxibus baptized Saint Mark in the Christian tradition.

The Soli Theater was built on the site of the Greek theater, which was once located in the same place during the Roman period. Dating to the 2nd to 3rd century AD, the building has a capacity of four thousand people. The marble stage of the ancient theater, where semi-circular seats are reserved for the audience, is decorated with sculptures. In addition, there are traces of a temple dedicated to Isis and Aphrodite on a hill to the west of the theater.

Northern Cyprus Nightlife: Best Places

Northern Cyprus, a holiday paradise right next to Turkey, is a unique choice for those who want to enjoy the sea and the sun. The island, which has a very colorful nightlife, offers the most popular tastes to its guests with its elegant restaurants, cafes, and bars that provide flavors from world cuisine.

Northern Cyprus nightlife, which offers a vibrant and beautiful mix of pop, techno, hip-hop, and traditional Greek music, provides all kinds of options, from energetic parties to a quiet romantic candlelit dinner. North Cyprus nightclubs offer everything they want to partygoers of all ages and those who want to relax in a relaxed atmosphere. So to enjoy the nightlife of North Cyprus, put on your dancing shoes and stop by the five beautiful spots below.

1. Larnaca

Where better to party than in an area full of palm trees on the beach of Larnaca, Cyprus? There are entertaining bars, cafes, and taverns bursting with techno music in this region. If you want a disco or live music after dinner, it is enough to take a tour of Larnaca beach.

2. Ayia Napa

In the east of Cyprus, ancient ruins merge with the modern club paradise. Ayia Napa has a party atmosphere and is sure to please people of all tastes. The music doesn’t stop until 6 in the morning with lively bars, cafes, and restaurants besides about 20 nightclubs.

3. Paphos

If you want to spend a quieter and calmer evening, Paphos offers visitors a taste of the Mediterranean breeze. Dinner is the most popular choice in this region, and the very fresh seafood is of high quality to justify this choice.

4. Limassol

Although Limassol’s crazy nightlife cannot compete with Ayia Napa, Limassol is also very active, as can be seen from the jam-packed bars, cafes, discos, and restaurants.

5. Nicosia

The capital of Northern Cyprus draws attention with its structure that can appeal to many different ethnic groups compared to the rest of the island. There are countless bars and cafes, all very close to the university campus. The cosmopolitan nature of students that year decides which bar will be more popular.

With its historical places worth seeing, casinos, restaurants, luxury hotels, colorful cafes, and mild weather, Northern Cyprus, the most popular holiday destination even in winter, stands out as an alternative entertainment destination for those who want to have a pleasant holiday.

7 Reasons to Visit Northern Cyprus

Located among the three largest islands of the Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus is an ideal address for a summer holiday with its unique sandy beach, historical beauties, shopping venues, and entertaining nightlife. Northern Cyprus, which allows Turkish citizens to travel with their identity cards, is among the favorites of those who want to travel, especially in the summer.

There are many alternatives in North Cyprus for those who love shopping, casino, and nightlife and those who adopt a classic holiday concept with the sun, sand, and sea trio. We have brought together seven reasons for those considering spending their summer vacation in Northern Cyprus. These beauties of Cyprus will make you feel like buying a Cyprus flight ticket.

1. Ease of transportation

You can reach Northern Cyprus by plane quickly from big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, and Antalya. Furthermore, almost every airline company in Turkey organizes flights to Northern Cyprus. Therefore, you can reach the baby country in about 1 hour from Istanbul. Also, if you live close to Mersin, you can get Kyrenia after a 2-hour journey by sea bus from Mersin Taşucu.

2. Freedom to travel visa-free

If you want to go abroad this summer holiday, but find it challenging to deal with problems such as visa and passport, Northern Cyprus, which does not require a visa, can be a good choice. You only need your identity card to enter Northern Cyprus. After you step into Northern Cyprus, you can stay as long as you want.

3. Beautiful beaches

Fascinating with its beautiful beaches and deep blue water, Northern Cyprus is one of the places preferred by holidaymakers, especially in summer. If you like to appreciate the sunshine and the sea among the natural beauties of the Mediterranean, beautiful beaches such as Konnos bay, Altınkum and Escape are waiting for you. It is impossible not to admire Altinkum Beach, the largest fine sand beach in the Mediterranean.

4. Northern Cyprus Casinos

If you want to bet, you can take a short breakout to Northern Cyprus during the summer vacation. Northern Cyprus Casinos are truly legendary. If you seek some enjoyment after dinner at the hotel, you can try your luck with a game or two. We don’t say play until you get greedy and lose like crazy, but playing a round or two on the machines can be fun.

5. Nightlife

If you want fun on your holiday, Northern Cyprus will be the right choice in this sense. You can spend fun moments in North Cyprus, which stands out with a highly colorful and lively nightlife. A breathtaking entertainment awaits you until the morning in North Cyprus, where flamboyant venues are for all tastes and budgets.

6. Ultra-luxury accommodation

If comfort and luxury accommodation is your top priority, then TRNC is the place for you. Almost every hotel in North Cyprus, from three-star to five-star, offers very high quality and comfortable service. You can spend a holiday worthy of kings and queens at Cratos Premium, Kaya Artemis Resort, or Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, which are among the hotels in Northern Cyprus.

7. Shopping

Northern Cyprus also has rich options in terms of shopping. We can say that it is a shopping paradise with its boutiques selling world-famous brand bags and shoes that are identical to the original, and various souvenir shops.

7 Tastes You Must Taste in Northern Cyprus

1. Turkish Cypriots Halloumi

Halloumi cheese is one of the Turkish Cypriot’ favorite and most consumed foods. Halloumi, a type of cake prepared by adding halloumi cheese and roasted onions, is among the indispensable snacks of breakfast and afternoon tea. Sesame and garacocco herbs are sprinkled on the halloumi.

2. Turkish Cypriots Molehiah

The Molehiya dish, which is created by cooking the Molehiya plant grown in the country using lamb or chicken meat after drying and storing, is one of the most popular flavors on Northern Cyprus tables.

3. Turkish Cypriots Lalani

Lalani, which reveals the delicious harmony of rabbit meat with yeast dough and leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate, comes to the table enriched with spices such as cumin, black pepper, and salt. You should not exit the country without testing this fried-cooked dish.

4. Kolkata

The Kolkata (Golevez) plant, which looks like a potato, is grown in abundance in the country, which lags a little in agriculture because its lands are not very fertile. This dish, where chicken or lamb is blended and cooked with the Kolakas plant, is often consumed, especially in winter.

5. Turkish Cypriots Rice

Pilavuna, a delicious pastry that combines sour and sweet, is mainly cooked for breakfast. There are also raisins, mastic gum, and eggs in this pastry prepared with Nor (curd) cheese, talar cheese, or halloumi.

6. Turkish Cypriots Peach kebab

Neftali kebab, whose real name is Chef Ali kebab, is prepared by kneading ground meat with onions and various spices, wrapping the oily inner membrane of sheep or goat meat, and turning it into meatballs. Although it contains peaches due to its name, this kebab does not have peaches.

7. Turkish Cypriots Pirohu

If you like ravioli, Pirohu can be a dish that appeals to your taste. But, unlike the ravioli we know; The history of the Pirohu dish with nor (curd) cheese or Tulum cheese, butter, and walnuts dates back to Ottoman Turkish Cypriot cuisine.

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5 Things You Must Do in Northern Cyprus

1. Take in the Magnificent View of Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Monastery, built by the Lusignans and located within the borders of Beylerbeyi, an old Greek village, is one of the most popular touristic addresses in Northern Cyprus. This historical Monastery, which lays the magnificent Mediterranean and Kyrenia views under your feet, also draws attention to Gothic architecture.

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2. Stop by the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, a Muslim place of worship that differs from its counterparts with its Gothic architecture, is one of the most exciting and famous structures of Famagusta. The original name of this mosque on the east side of the island is St. Nicholas Cathedral. The mosque is an old Catholic building among the two most significant mosques of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Blue Lagoon Cyprus
Blue Lagoon Cyprus Greek Cypriot majority

3. Try your luck at the casinos

It is impossible to come to Northern Cyprus and visit its world-famous casinos. Of course, it is not compulsory to play, but it is pretty fun to see the bright and colorful atmosphere of the interior and to watch the excitement of the gamers closely. Almost every hotel has its casino. You can test your fortune at any of them.

4. Enjoy the beaches and the sun

Do not leave this wonderful country without enjoying the sea and the sun in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Especially; Don’t forget to stop by Konnos Bay, Nissi Beach, Escape Beach, Golden Beach, the birthplace of Aphrodite, and Alagadi, where you can see the Caretta Caretta turtles.

5. Take an evening walk in Kyrenia Harbor

After visiting Kyrenia Castle, you can take a pleasant walk in Girne Harbor, surrounded by Venetian-style houses, cafes, restaurants, and taverns. Known as the place where the most beautiful sunsets can be watched in Kyrenia, this region is among the most famous destinations for visitors coming to the country.

Five World Famous: Northern Cyprus Best Beaches

1. Altinkum Beaches – North Cyprus

Altınkum Beaches are located on the Karpaz Peninsula, a pointed and long region stretching from the northeastern tip of North Cyprus towards Anatolia. Consisting of two beaches, Altınkum Beaches are referred to as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, in mythology. However, with its sparkling golden sands and the breeding ground of sea turtles such as Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas, the area preserves its virginity as much as it is famous.

2. Yavuz Landing Beach

Yavuz Landing Beach, which you can reach when you continue from Kyrenia to Alsancak, the Turkish Armed Forces first landed on the island during the Cyprus Peace Operation. The beach, located five kilometers from Kyrenia, is the most beautiful in North Cyprus and offers different water sports options, including scuba diving, canoeing or pedalo, jet ski, banana, and pedal boat. The beach, which also has a club, restaurant, and bar, is Escape Beach.

3. Glapsides – North Cyprus

Glapsides is the most beautiful beach on the island, according to Turkish Cypriots. Located between the eastern coasts of Northern Cyprus, Glapsides is located approximately six kilometers north of Famagusta. There is also the opportunity to camp around Glapsides, where you can sunbathe on its fine sands and explore the mysterious underwater world in its deep blue sea. Glapsides, which has a shallow and quiet beach, is the most preferred beach for families with children on the island.

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4. Alagadi Beach – North Cyprus

Alagadi Beach is one of the most important beaches, the spawning area of ​​Caretta caretta and green turtles. Located about fifteen kilometers east of Kyrenia, Alagadi is a favorite of Turkish Cypriot ‘s and foreign tourists. To preserve this feature of Alagadi, a quiet beach, water sports, and beach activities are not carried out, and it is closed at 8:00 p.m., under constant observation.

5. Yesilirmak Beach – North Cyprus

Yeşilırmak is located at the western end of the island. Yeşilırmak, a village in the Dillirga region of Nicosia District, is also home to the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest grapevine in North Cyprus. Yeşilırmak Beach, located in a small and cute cove, makes it easy to enter the sea with its large pier in the middle of it and provides a place for evening pleasures. This bay, which is very quiet and calm due to its location away from the center, is ideal for those seeking peace.

Turkish Cypriots – North Cyprus

Turkish Cypriots, the Turks living on the island of Cyprus, migrated from Anatolia to the island of Cyprus after the Ottoman Empire seized the island of Cyprus in 1571.

After the Turkish Armed Forces intervened in the island in 1974, after the island was divided into two, most of them lived in the TRNC, the name given to the continuing segment.

After the migrations from Anatolia since 1975, these immigrants were also included in the definition of Turkish Cypriot.

About TRNC Turkish Republic North Cyprus

For a brief geographical briefing, Cyprus is the easternmost of the Mediterranean islands and the third-largest island after Sicily and Sardinia.

From the nearest coastal points, it is 40 miles from Turkey, 60 miles from Syria, and 250 miles from Egypt.

The present-day Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is 100 miles long and 40 miles wide at its widest point, and with a total area of ​​1,357 square miles, it makes up about 36% of the island of Cyprus.

Today, most of the island population consists of people who came and settled on the isle successively from Europe and Asia.

The history of the island is as follows:

Cyprus, BC. In the 8th century, it first became part of the Assyrian Empire and then Babylon, Egypt, and Persia, respectively. B.C. In 58, the island passed into the hands of the Romans.

Richard de Lionheart (Richard the Lionheart) settled on the island in 1191 during the third Crusade, then sold the island to the Templar Knights, who later allowed Guy de Lusignan to buy the island.

The isle stayed under the rule of the Lusignans until the Venetians took the island in 1489. The Ottomans ruled the isle 1571-1878, later leased the island to the British administration.

The island declared its independence in 1960.

Between 1960 and 1973, 103 Turkish villages were evacuated, and the Turkish Cypriots were imprisoned in 3% of the island and forced to live in enclaves due to the Greek Cypriots attempts to unilaterally change the constitution and then the coordinated attack and ethnic war they started against the Turkish Cypriots.

In 1974, due to the Greek and Greek coup attempt on the island, Turkey intervened in the administration to ensure the security of Turkish Cypriots.

Although the declaration of the Turkish Federal State of Cyprus in 1975 led to a federal system on the island, this could not ensure peace and reconciliation, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established in 1983.

The Greek Cypriot Administration of Cyprus, under the name of the Republic of Cyprus, applied for the entire membership to the European Union on July 4, 1990.

This application was made without the consent of the Turkish Cypriot community as required by the “Republic of Cyprus” Organization Act.

In the 2002-2003 period, before the entry of the Greek Cypriot Administration to the E.U., negotiations were held between the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Denktaş and the Leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Klerides to unite the Northern and Southern parts.

With the decision of Turkish Cypriot Authorities to open the borders on April 23, 2003, the transitions between North and South were freed.

The Island (South Cyprus) unilaterally became a member of the E.U. in the Bilateral Referendum on the island’s unification by the UN Annan Plan, which was accepted by the Turkish but rejected by the Greek Cypriots.

Crossing and Border Gates from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus

The only condition for passing from the Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Southern Cyprus part is a TRNC or European Union Citizen. European Union citizenship and passport must be given by private vehicle, but you cannot pass to the Southern Greek part with a car you rented from Northern Cyprus.

What about Turkish citizens? – North Cyprus

If you are a Turkish citizen, you must obtain a visa to Southern Cyprus. While Turkish Cypriot citizens can benefit from the free movement law between the island’s two parts, unfortunately, Turkish citizens cannot. Therefore, if you are a Turkish citizen, you must obtain your Cyprus visa from the Greek Cypriot Embassy in Athens. In addition, we recommend that you get detailed information about the Greece Visa process from the Greek Consulate officials in Turkey.

Documents required when moving from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus.

If you are a Turkish citizen and want to transit to Cyprus, when you apply to the Greek Cypriot Consulate in Athens, the same documents are required for the Schengen visa application by Greece.

About your trip to Cyprus;

– Your transportation and accommodation reservation documents

-Bank deposit statement of your sufficient income for travel

– Travel Health Insurance with 30.000 Euro coverage

All documents must be included in your application file.

If you are going to Cyprus by invitation, your invitation letter should be included in your documents.

A few essential details;

-Passport validity period must be at least six months after your departure date from Southern Cyprus.

  • Your passport must not be more than ten years old and worn. If you have an old or worn-out passport, you must renew it before your application to enter Southern Cyprus.

Which Border Gates are used when passing from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus?

1-Metehan Border Gate

You can pass through Metehan Border Gate to Southern Cyprus by motor vehicle, bicycle, or foot. However, if you are going to transit with your car, you must meet the necessary conditions. What are these conditions?

-Your vehicle must have a civilian license plate

-Car insurance fee is required when transiting to South Cyprus

  • You can travel on official working days through Greek authorities.

2-Lendra Palace Gate

The transition zone, located in the middle of the bazaar of both regions, is suitable for pedestrians only.

3- Lokmacı Border Gate

It is the gate separating the Southern and Northern Cyprus bazaars and is suitable for pedestrians, just like Leandra Palace.

4-Beyarmudu Border Gate

It is located in Pile, where both Southern and Northern Turkish Cypriot citizens live together. It passes through British Bases and is suitable for motor vehicles and pedestrians.

5-Bostancı (Guzelyurt) Border Gate

It is located in Bostancı Village, west of Nicosia, and is suitable for motor vehicles and pedestrians.

6- Yesilirmak Gate

It is located in Yeşilırmak Village, west of Nicosia, and is suitable for motor vehicles and pedestrians.

7-Akyar Gate (Famagusta)

It is the only border gate in Famagusta. Therefore, it is suitable for the passage of both motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Nicosia Famous Turkish Cypriot Dishes and Restaurants

Nicosia, the center of Northern Cyprus, is a settlement where different cultures are blended, as it has hosted many other civilizations from past to present. Therefore, this blend, reflected in its cuisine, contains Turkish, European, Greek, Turkish Cypriot and Greek cuisines.

Turkish and Greek dishes are primarily preferred in Nicosia cuisine. Among the famous delicacies of the district, there are foods such as peach kebab, pilafuna, molehiya, and nor pastry.

It is entirely probable that you will discover a restaurant or restaurant on almost every corner in the city center. You can find meals to suit your taste in Nicosia, which has a wide range of options from luxury restaurants to fast-food restaurants.


Bibliotheque, where the most delicious examples of Nicosia cuisine are served, is among the restaurants operating in the district center. There is also a parking lot in the enterprise, where transportation can be done by private car, taxi, or foot.

There are even vegan and vegetarian food options in the business, where chefs are competent in many Turkish, Mediterranean, European, and international cuisines. This decent restaurant, which you can choose for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner during your Nicosia holiday, is also very suitable for your evening entertainment.

Among the prominent tastes of the place are meat varieties, while light meals that you can eat as an aperitif are also included in the menu.

The price you will pay after dinner for two at the restaurant where live music events are held on some weekends is between 200 – 250 TL on average.

Address: Mithat Pasa Sok. No 7 Surlariçi Nicosia, Cyprus

You can make a lovely vacation program by scanning the hotels on our Nicosia Hotels page to try the unique flavors of Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus.

Sedirhan Restaurant

Sedirhan Restaurant, another prominent restaurant in Nicosia, serves in the district center. The business, located in a location where transportation can be easily provided, also has a parking area.

Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine is served in the restaurant, offering vegetarian-friendly dining options. The establishment, which you can choose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offers a wide range of options, from light meals to heavy meat meals.

Meat and fish grilled products are among the prominent tastes of the place, while local food options are also on the menu. You should create a reservation before going to the restaurant, which welcomes its customers with spacious seating areas, fast service, and quality service. The very crowded establishment, especially on weekends, provides service between 08:00 and 24:00 every day of the week.

After dinner for two people at Sedirhan Restaurant, the average price you will pay is 150 – 200 TL.

Address: Asmaaltı Sokak Büyük Han, Nicosia, CyprusOld Mosaic

Providing service in the center of Nicosia, Old Mosaic will be an ideal choice for boutique restaurant lovers. Located in a location where transportation can be made by private vehicle, taxi, and minibus, the business also has a private parking area.

You can appreciate your dinner and lunch in the restaurant, which focuses on Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Alcohol is served in the establishment, where you can have an extraordinary dining experience with its friendly atmosphere and boutique design.

It is advised that you create a reservation before going to the restaurant, where dishes made with seafood are at the forefront. The establishment may be challenging to find a place on weekends because it is crowded, delivers service between 10:00 and 22:00 every day of the week.

If you have dinner for two at Old Mosaic, the average price you will pay will be between 200 – 250 TL.

Address: Selimiye Meydani 4-5, Nicosia, CyprusGomsu Kebab

If you are looking for a flavor from Anatolia in Nicosia, Gomşu Kebap is among the restaurants that can meet your request. You can easily reach the business, which provides service in the district center, by taxi or foot.

Barbecue and grill options come to the fore in the restaurant, where exceptional tastes from Turkish cuisine are served. At Gomsu Kebap, which you can choose for lunch and dinner, you can eat Adana, Urfa, shish kebab dishes and taste the appetizers set on the table.

The restaurant, which you can choose with your family, is open every day of the week between 11:00 and 23:00.

The price you will pay as a result of the kebab feast for two people will be in the range of 100 – 120 TL on average.

Address: Ataturk Caddesi No:5B Yenişehir Nicosia, CyprusBistro 45 by Eniste

Bistro 45 by Eniste, one of the flavor stops where you can eat in an economical and fast-food style during your Nicosia holiday, serves in a location that can be reached on foot in the district center.

Among the outstanding dishes of the establishment, which serve specialties from American and Turkish cuisine, there are hamburgers, french fries, grilled chicken, and various local dishes. The restaurant, which draws attention with its modern presentations, serves between 10:00 and 23:00 every day of the week.

The average price you will pay for a dinner for two at Bistro 45 by Eniste is between 50 -100 TL.

Address: Müftü Raci Efendi Sk No.45, Nicosia, CyprusIstah Restaurant

Access to Istah Restaurant, which serves in the center of Nicosia, can be provided by private car, taxi, or on foot. The business has a private parking area.

Pita and appetizers are among the famous dishes of the place, which offers specialties of Turkish cuisine. The restaurant in Turkish mainland, where you can find the words you miss, also has special menus for vegetarians.

You can also go with your family to the establishment that you can choose for lunch and dinner. The average price you will pay for lunch for two people in the restaurant, which serves alcoholic beverages between 10:00 and 24:00 every day of the week, is between 50 – 100 TL.

Address: Necdet Altınok Sokak, Nicosia, Cyprus

Shopping Points of North Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the first places that come to mind when mentioned shopping. Vacationers can find quality products according to their tastes here.

Shopping points in North Cyprus are categorized as local and foreign products. In other words, while you are visiting the bazaars, markets, and shops with local items specific to the island, you can find design products at these shopping points.

Northern Cyprus has kept its product range broad for shopping. However, we do not mean famous brands by this width.

While small shopping stores that have left 50 years behind welcome their customers on the streets with a smiling face, another shop is doing clothes repair, and another has set up its counter to repair your shoes.

Let’s take a closer look at these shopping points scattered over a wide area on the island of Cyprus. First, let’s find out where is suitable for us and what we need to fill our suitcase with when we go.

Northern Cyprus Markets

Turkish Cypriot Sunday

In the markets on the island, especially in Nicosia, Famagusta, and Kyrenia, there are food, beverages, fresh vegetables and fruits, and budget-friendly clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and all kinds of products you can think of.

The market structures that we are accustomed to in Turkey have diversified in North Cyprus. There are many imported products in the field of textile and cosmetics.

Do not skip it if you like to buy something original and different.

North Nicosia Market

Turkish Cypriot Sellers

In the market where female clerks are concentrated, our women make up the majority. A part of the place on Girne Street is still called the Women’s Market today.

In the Turkish Cypriot market, there are textile products and household goods that attract the attention of shopping lovers. Most of the clients who reach here have turned to jeans-based products.

Turkish Cypriot Kyrenia Bazaar

Cyprus Bazaar

When it comes to shopping spots in Northern Cyprus, the place that stands out is the Girne Bazaar. This is the local bazaar with many shopping stores.

The Turkish Cypriot bazaar, which the local people frequently use, attracts tourists from outside to buy souvenirs.

The things that attract the most attention of tourists in the shops lined up in the Girne Bazaar; halloumi cheese, high alcoholic Zivaniya drink, almond rose water Summada and Hazelnut Jam.

We list these products, which are among the local dishes of Cyprus, for you so that you leave free space in your suitcase for these visitors 🙂

Turkish Cypriot Bandabulya Bazaar / Arasta Bazaar

This is the first vegetable market on the island in the middle of Nicosia. The bazaar, which was completely open in the first days of its establishment, has now been turned into a covered location, namely arasta, making it a more suitable environment for shopping.

In addition to its beauty, Bandabulya introduces the prominent elements of Cyprus to the visitors with its shopping places.

Opening and closing hours of the bazaar, which is open every weekday: 08.00-18.00